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Idiom Library

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Give me the Dynamic FinnAPL Idiom Library (Dyalog ws).

The idiom library has been designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory
Computers/Programming/Languages/APL category at

"This library is absolutely critical for any serious APL user. This has been a famous collection of code for many years. The "cool award" has been given based on the importance of this code collection to APLers everywhere."

If you don't see any APL-characters, set fixed font to Dyalog Std.
If you don't have the font, it can be downloaded from Dyalog's pages.

Idioms and Mac

Author: David Pennell, Audiotex Prog/Op

A true-type font for Dyalog Std can be found at which can be converted using TTConverter, obtainable at The .FON fonts do seem to be convertible for XWindows, including Linux, contrary to what I thought previously. There is, however, no known method of converting a .FON to anything you can use on a Macintosh, whereas IBM PC fonts that are TrueType fonts are easily converted.

Another point - when I wanted to view the Idiom Library in Netscape Navigator 4.04, I had to set *both* Fixed and Variable fonts to Dyalog Std.

I found one other problem with the Dyalog font as I translated it using TTConverter - about 10 characters including some of the APL symbols such as domino and quote-quad did not translate for some reason (came out as []) and a fair amount of guessing + font building is in order. It seems like mostly overstrike characters were missing, but most of the overstrike characters did survive conversion.


Last modified: 15.02.2013